Engineering Interview Questions

Engineering is one of the highly demanded and sorted out courses in India. Majority of aspirants today get into various engineering colleges and look for good placements.

But before getting into good companies they have to appear for several interview rounds where some of them fail and some of them clear it, most of the students lose confidence and become anxious which results in ruining their interview.
Majority of students have no idea regarding the type of questions asked by the interviewer, but there are various kinds of categories for interview questions which students must know.
Let us discuss it for better understanding:
PROBLEM SOLVING QUESTIONS- In majority of engineering interviews, problem solving questions or your analytical skills are checked. So when you encounter such questions just present your answer keeping following things in mind:
• Situation- Keep yourself in that situation, analyze it and look for a solution.
• Task- Analyze and know your role in the team and work accordingly.
• Action- Do your task with full energy, and be ready with your explanations.
• Result- At the end have a check on yourself as an individual how did you perform, did you meet the deadline etc.

PRODUCT SPECIFIC QUESTIONS- Most of the companies today ask direct product related questions so brush up your skills regarding various products of the company in which you are applying, they just want an explanation which you have to present in a very simple English language.

TEAMWORK QUESTIONS- This is again an important part of the interview the interviewer wants to know how well you can work in a team. So they’ll ask you like tell me how have you worked in a team and coordinated with them?
So in order to answer just focus on what your role was and how efficiently you worked, how you identified and solved a problem and lead a team.
The above mentioned points are the most important questions one must keep in mind before appearing for the interview. But on the other hand there are some personal attributes questions one need to keep in mind those are-

• What are your strengths? – You need to be very much loyal when asked about such questions just simply tell what your strengths are.
• What personal characteristics do you feel are necessary to be a successful engineer? – Choose around 3-4 characteristics and explain why you think they are important.
• Where do you see yourself ten years from now? – Now this is one of the most common interview question these days your employer just want to keep a check whether you are going to move to other job sooner or later. Always research a career path that would flow from the position for which you are interviewing and ensure to master yourself in that field.

These were some of the most important interview questions which I tried to cover. Hope, the above mentioned points will help you all while preparing for the interview and boost up your confidence level.

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