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What can you do after B.TECH from Mathura?

There are majority of students pursuing B.TECH from top engineering colleges in Mathura, but after completing their undergraduate degree most of the students are in dilemma as to what to do after B.TECH, most of them wish to go for jobs and some of them wish to study further besides that there are many other good options which students can go for after they complete their B.TECH-

Follow your dreams- Don’t waste your time in just thinking, analyze what you want to do chase your passion and work hard for it don’t take any decisions under any sort of pressure follow your passion and everything will fall at its place it is never too late learning is always a never ending process.

You can go for further studies such as- M.TECH or MBA:

M.TECH- Most of the students wish to pursue their master’s in technology as they want to get specialized in a particular subject, in order to pursue a master degree student must start preparing for the entrance exams such as GATE (Graduate aptitude test in engineering) in order to get into various colleges for M.TECH.

Secondly, most of the students even pursue MBA degree since they already have developed technical skills and with the help of a management degree they develop a blend of both technical as well as management skills which is extremely beneficial to them in order to climb up the ladder in the corporate world, the combination of B.TECH and MBA is extremely rewarding according to the current market demands and they have a good chance of bagging high packages. There are many MBA colleges in Mathura.

Can go for job- Students once they have finished their B.TECH can directly work for various top companies since they have now developed technical skills and are capable enough to hold up a particular job profile in a company.
Become an Entrepreneur- You can start your own venture, after you have completed your B.TECH you can think of fresh business ideas and try to implement it talk to people so the same industry gather some ideas and information from them as well it will help you a lot while setting up your own startup. You can run your own company and can become your own boss.

You can go for diploma or short term courses- Always hunt for extra short term courses which will help to enhance your knowledge and skills these courses will be an add on advantage for your resume, there are many good institutes offering short term or diploma courses in various engineering courses which will land you in decent jobs.
Go for civil services- If you are passionate about becoming an IAS or PCS officer then you can start preparing for the civil services examination most of the students today are shifting towards the civil services, the competition is tough one needs to be extremely determined while preparing for the exam.

Contribute to the society- There are thousands of NGOS working for various causes if you are extremely motivated and have a vision to contribute something to the society by becoming a helping hand to the NGOS then you can definitely join such organizations which are working very hard for several causes.

Study abroad- You can even choose to study abroad you can opt for M.S in any stream of your interest for that you have to prepare for various exams like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS on the basis of which you’ll be able to enroll yourself in various foreign universities, you can even avail scholarships based on your performance in the examinations.

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