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This blog series is in the form of a program to empower you. If you will take it as a program then it can help in increasing your overall effectiveness. We believe that individuals are functioning at only a fraction of their potential, not because of lack of skills of knowledge but because of attitude. Relation with family, friends, personal quests, physical and mental health and just the time one spends alone with oneself, hold infinitely greater possibilities for most people.

Before starting the program think that “I” is the master of YOU. And remember that I can make you ready. I can work for you. I can control your feelings. I can make you laugh. I can make you love. I can make you happy and sad. I can nurture you. I can ruin you. Overall I can do anything and I can never be removed however I can be replaced. I am “THOUGHT”. You ‘Can’ if you think ‘You can’.

This is an interactive series. You can have your own ‘journal’ and pen down your journey of professional life, if you keep the answers somewhere together digitally. Let us start:

Your Mission of Life

  1. What do I want to do in my life? (Write as you day dream. Don’t restrict yourself with logics. Don’t doubt yourself. Anyway this is your own journal!)
  2. How do I see myself 5 years from now. (Be as lucid as possible)


As per our scriptures, the personality of any learner takes good shape with the support of friends, siblings, teachers, parents and self.

Lau Tse said, “Watch your thoughts, they become words; Watch your words, they become actions; Watch your actions, they become habits; Watch your habits; they become character; Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” Swami Vivekananda said about Mind Control and about watching your thoughts as an outsider. So, be careful in handling your mind. Mind you, I never said ‘Brain’. Brain is a computer. Mind mends everything.

Communicating with a language is something unique about Human beings. Language can be learnt and used by human beings only and all human beings are capable of learning it. “Which language” remains a question. The answer is simple, and that is – Mother tongue to ‘express yourself’ and English for ‘exploiting an opportunity’. Due to this only, our human resource is considered very rich around the world.

This ‘Opportunity’ came handy from all over the world with the ‘ information age’, where all of us became global citizens and the world became flat as you can get the same salary anywhere in the globe and the globe shrunk with the new norm of ‘work from home’. This norm has been accepted very well in India.


Next comes the way our intelligence is designed. Multiple intelligences (MI) theory, developed by Howard Gardner (2006) is not a pedagogy. Multiple intelligences theory posits that there are eight intelligences that individuals possess to varying degrees and through which you can learn. Individuals typically possess more than one type of intelligence, although one or two types may be dominant. The eight intelligences are as follows:

  • Verbal/Linguistic: Uses and comprehends language well
  • Logical/Mathematical: Uses numbers effectively
  • Visual/Spatial: Thinks in images and pictures
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic: Uses body well to communicate and solve problems
  • Musical/Rhythmic: Expresses self well musically
  • Intrapersonal: Understands one’s self and is inner directed
  • Interpersonal: Understands people and relationships
  • Naturalist: Recognizes parts of the natural environment.

Here comes the next exercise. Sit quietly and try analyzing yourself. When do you learn the best? How do you learn the best? Which forms and modes work best for you?

Then look at these eight intelligences. Try finding out which intelligence is the best for you. If done religiously, this exercise should take between 30 to 45 mts. You can take help of anyone you trust knows the real ‘YOU’. Write these intelligences again the way they work for you. From ‘The Best’ coming first.

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