Making You Placement Ready – Pros and Cons of Digitization of Education


  1. More Inputs from various sources, readers and writers.
  2. Easy Understanding as text, image, audio and video all are there for various types of learners.


  1. Finding the best Content is an issue.
  2. Who authorizes, whether the web content is authentic. Means authenticating the web content.
  3. Infinite web content, how to find the best one.
  4. Feeling of Incompleteness. When we read a book, cover to cover, we know that we know a subject and how much we know.
  5. With thousands of research papers being written every minute, how to find the best one for a given student.


Digitization of Education can not be reversed. Now, education is to be designed for each student separately. The problems need to be sorted out:

  1. A robotic eye has to be programmed or AI has to be used to find and read millions of research papers, books, images, video etc..
  2. This robotic eye gives a finite content to the professor/ teacher
  3. The professor is more of a mentor and guide. He suggests the best content to the student.
  4. Universities only take exams or collect the credits of the students and authenticated to publish the mark sheets and degrees based upon the authenticated web courses done by each student.

It is a storm.

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