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What is the importance of industrial training for engineering students?

Industrial training is a very important part of the engineering curriculum it mostly covers your final semester. You can choose any industry to work with according to your subject of interest. Industrial training is a very integral part of the B.TECH program students must take their trainings very seriously and must put every effort to gain something out of it. Day by day competition is getting tougher completing your assignments and clearing your exams is must but industrial training should be given equal importance which can help shape your career, industrial training will provide you an exposure as to what is the work culture in an industry you will get in-depth knowledge about various engineering areas.

Industrial training is basically a duration of six months where a student takes training within an organization depending upon his/her area of interest. There are several good engineering colleges in Mathura which recommend their students to good organizations so that they get exposure to learn new things and get adapted to the industrial work culture.

Students throughout the duration of six months learn a lot about the skills set required, industrial demands, work ethics, decision making, time management etc.

The main reason why students go for industrial training is that they are well prepared for holding up a certain job profile in the chosen field. This is the chance where you can showcase your learnings and skills which you gathered during your intense industrial training this is the reason why huge emphasis is given to industrial training.

Industrial training is proven to overcome the hurdles in the academic structure and in the industry, this is going to help the students to develop various skills sets which is required to make them more valuable. It gives an opportunity to the graduates to apply theoretical knowledge they gained in the classroom with the practical application of knowledge to perform the required task.

Some of the benefits of industrial training are-

  • It helps to gain in-depth knowledge about the particular opted stream.
  • Helps you to experience what it is like to work in a professional organization.
  • Provides you an opportunity to work with other experienced engineering professionals.
  • It helps you to understand your area of interest.
  • Helps you to witness how a particular company or organization functions.
  • Helps to enhance your technical skill.
  • Teaches you how to apply your technical knowledge to real life situations.
  • It helps you to know how to work in a team, how to manage the team members in order to complete the given project.
  • The company provides you a valid training certificate which will enhance your resume.
  • It improves your interpersonal, communication, leadership and management skills.
  • Provides you an opportunity to observe the interactions between the engineers and other professionals.
  • In case you face any difficulty you can directly interact with the experts within the organization.
  • If you are working hard and have the zeal of learning then chances are you might get a job in the same company based on your performance.
  • The projects conducted during summer internships helps to judge the capabilities of the trainees.


At the end we can conclude that the industrial training plays a very crucial role in shaping ones career. It makes sure that it has improved the basic communication, interpersonal skills and helps in developing the personality of the students. The experience which the students gain throughout their training period sharpens their business skills and knowledge and opens the door for good placement opportunities.

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